Mensen inspireren. Dit zijn de mensen die mij de laatste tijd hebben geïnspireerd. 

Ik hoop ze jou ook inspireren ...


Eric Ries

Instead of having to plan out every small detail and predict the future, we have a steering wheel the build, measure, feedback loop- that allows us to change direction in small increments

Herman Toch

Create reasons for people to be happy and go for happy profit

Simon Sinek

Start with WHY. People don't buy what you dopeople buy why you do it.

Steven Van Belleghem

Steven is a thought leader on transformation of customer relationship and the future of marketing. He launched his new book in November 2017: customers the day after tomorrow. During the talk he motivated executives to look at the day after tomorrow and reverse engineer your way back to today. In this process the focus is not on technology but on the customer.